Each potential candidate for the program is required to complete a 12 - 16 hour pre-program neuropsychological assessment. This assessment is best completed during the course of the program period so that clients not only complete the evaluation, but have the opportunity to interact with current program candidates in group as well as individual interactions.

The assessment is partially composed of a complete neuropsychological assessment. In some instances, additional interviews and information is collected to complete a comprehensive interview. This can include interviews with employers, family members, former teachers, and additional selected significant others.

In addition, the pre-program assessment includes several hours of group observation and participation, an assessment of real-life functional difficulties, an evaluation of each client's level of awareness of injury, and a cognitive training sample.

The report is presented in a easy-to-understand likert-scale summary, and recommendations are clearly outlined. Strengths and deficits are indicated, along with cognitive remediation potential.

This assessment is repeated at the end of the program so that pre-and-post program progress can be made in direct comparison.

Upon completion of the pre-program assessment, a determination is made by the treatment team as to the suitability of the client for cognitive remediation. Not everyone that completes an assessment is admitted to the program.

Admission criteria, based on assessment, include (but are not limited to):