"How do I know if my client/family member/loved one is appropriate for your program?"
The best way is to set up a complimentary initial visit, tour our facility, and allow us to meet your client/loved one. If after a series of questions with the potential candidate, we feel that we can proceed with the initial evaluation, then that evaluation itself (over a period of 3 or 4 days) will allow us to make a good assessment of the appropriateness of the potential candidate for treatment.

"When the client graduates, is there any additional contact afterwards? What is the followup?"
We have an active program of follow-up for each client, ranging from a weekly cognitive support group, to individual sessions, or just occasional phonecalls as needed. The appropriate follow-up needs are discussed with each client and their family long before the program is over.

"I met a client who said they went through two semesters of your program. Does everyone need to repeat a second semester?"
No. The program is designed for 95 percent of our clients to complete in one 21-week semester. On rare occasion, we have had a client repeat a second semester because they were showing tremendous response and progress in therapy, but due to the severity of their brain injury did not respond as quickly as their cohort group. We have had less than one person per year repeat a second semester.

"My client does not want to be called a patient, or have anything to do with the medical model anymore. Will they fit into your model?"
That is specifically why we are not located within a medical facility, but within a community-based office facility. We do not refer to our clients as patients, but as "trainees" - similar to an athlete undergoing training with their "coaches." We are located in a building that is thriving with restaurants, services, and other businesses, and trainees quickly associate a day at the program as similar to a day at school or a day at work. Public transportation is available to the building, and the large Ann Arbor Briarwood Mall is directly across the street from the facility.

"My loved one doesn't drive or take public transportation themselves. Is transportation available?"
BrainTrainers does not provide transportation to and from the program. There are a large number of private transportation companies with whom we work, and we would be happy to provide the names of several of these for your consideration.

"I heard something about your program being designed to help clients get out of residential programs as the outcome."
Our program is not designed to "get clients out of residential programs." Our program is designed to achieve the highest outcome for each client given the scope and severity of the brain injury. It is indeed true that improved cognitive skills allow some of our clients to increase independent living skills and move to less supported environments. Many of our clients already live independently. In other cases, clients will continue to reside at a residential program, or with their families, but have improved cognitive functioning within those settings. We work closely with the residential facility to assure a smooth application of strategies across settings. All of our outpatient staff have also worked in residential treatment settings and understand the ongoing importance of such settings in the lives of many clients.